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Unit maintenance services

Unit maintenance services

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I.Construction by Rules (Maintenance Procedure Card)
The company carries out maintenance procedure card system and divides the whole :
II.Maintenance Quality Outline
  Many generator users in Guangdong Pearl River Delta praise the generator maintenance technology of Yongdaxing. In fact, first-rate technical experience is far from ensuring the maintenance quality remarkable. First-rate technical experience plus first-rate integration management plus genuine and high-quality accessories plus correct spare parts number for stand-alone use plus original technical specification and parameters plus necessary original technical processing and adjustment plus timely inspection and service after repair can build perpetually excellent maintenance quality like a new unit.

III.Maintenance Instruction
  The parts of generator set will gradually abrade or damage due to normal friction and vibration during long-term running, so apart from daily maintenance, thorough overhaul and usual maintenance are necessary for the set. According to maintenance technical parameters provided by Cummins and Rolls-Royce and our experience over years, one-time routine maintenance must be conducted after 2,000-3,000h operation, one-time medium maintenance must be conducted after 6,000-8,000h operation and one-time major repair must be conducted after 10,000-15,000h operation to ensure power generation and prolong the service life of set. Our company strictly executes Cummins maintenance standards and our “maintenance card”, attaches most importance to customer benefit, completes each maintenance process carefully and meticulously, and removes the faults before generator maintenance. The minor repair, medium repair and major repair include the following content:

Minor Repair (2,000-3,000h)
1)Detect supercharger;
2)Adjust valve clearance and fuel injector stroke;
3)Detect protectors for water temperature, oil pressure and others;
4)Wash water tank and detect operating condition of water pump。

Major Repair (12,000-15,000h)

1)Contain medium repair items;
2)Decompose water pump, oil pump and front gear cap, and detect water pump shaft, impeller, oil pump shaft and gear;
3)Detect gear shaft;
4)Decompose bent axle and machine body, wash primary and secondary oil ducts, and detect machine body and bent axle。  

Medium Repair (6,000-8,000h)

1)Contain minor repair items
2)Dismantle and wash diesel engine parts: Supercharger, rocker arm room, cylinder cover, piston, connecting rod, cylinder jacket, oil nozzle, PT oil pump (or high pressure oil pump), water pump;
3)Decompose and detect the parts, such as supercharger impeller shaft, cylinder jacket, valve, valve seat, piston and connecting rod;
4)Detect and adjust fuel system, such as oil pump and oil nozzle。

Detection and Maintenance of Electrical Equipment:

1)Detect the performance of electronic boards and functions of sensors;
2)Fill heat-resistant grease。
3)Disassembly of diesel engine;
4)Check and measurement of diesel engine parts;
5)Verification of parts number;
6)Check diesel engine before commissioning after assembly;
7)Diesel repair;
8)Normal operation after diesel run-in period。

1)Wash and detect electric ball excitation system, electric ball bearing, electric ball main rotor, main stator, etc;
2)Check of generator before disassembly;
3)Washing of diesel engine parts;
4)Replaced accessory catalogue;
5)Assembly of diesel engine parts;
6)Check of diesel commissioning procedures;
7)Check of diesel in run-in period;
8)Timely check and service after repair。

IV Maintenance Procedure
A: Air intake system: Turbocharger and intercooler
B: Fuel supply system: Oil pump and fuel injector (fuel injector is core part of diesel, must be overhauled by pump pen company with professional equipment and skills, and belongs to necessary overhaul item in diesel major repair)
C: Cooling system: Water pump, thermostat, fan  
D:Lubricating system: Engine oil, engine oil cooler core and oil pump (oil pump is the most dangerous part of diesel and its failure will lead to destructive consequence, so all jackets, gears and drive shafts must be checked or replaced if they exceed standard)
E:Cylinder cap and valve mechanism: Cylinder gap, valve seat ring, valve guide pipe, valve spring, valve, valve seat ring, rocker arm, T-shaped platen, fuel injector push rod, camshaft, cam follower (cam follower is a part which is the most critical and easiest to go wrong, so it must be specially checked, otherwise, it will lead the dangers of black smoke, power loss and broken cylinder camshaft)。
F: Cylinder body and camshaft connecting rod system: Cylinder jacket, piston ring, piston group, connecting rod set, camshaft flywheel assembly。
G:Generator part: Core-pulling treatment for electric ball rotor; dedusting, dip coating and drying for coil; electric ball bearing block bearing inspection, bearing block overhaul or bearing replacement;

Yongda company commitment to the user of the service after repair:
A、yongda company must ensure that the diesel generator set accessories for replacement by the original factory accessories, otherwise all the consequences caused by party b is responsible for.
B、for the replacement of parts, under the normal use, yongda company responsible for the free warranty 1 year or 1500 hours, to go to shall prevail, if because of maintenance after the warranty period as a result of fault (refer to the repair by replacement of parts) by party b is responsible for, the parts cost and labor fee is free.
C、maintenance process in strict accordance with the various brand diesel generator maintenance procedures (which party b company & other generator maintenance program)。
D、repair if any increase in the process of unplanned accessories, yongda company must submit quotation and user confirmed rear can replace. For unnecessary replacement of spare parts, party b to repair, and press down the replacing parts how many pieces of payment by the quotation unit price calculation.
E、after maintenance, during the warranty period the company once a month regular send maintenance people search (unit testing), such as during the unit fails, party b will promptly after informed by party a row of technician to be present.

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