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Unit sales after-sales service

Unit sales after-sales service

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International Brand, Quality Assurance
We provide international famous brand diesel generator sets, and agents and direct users can obtain sincere technical service and the most efficient and reliable technical support.

Comprehensive Training for Customer
To ensure the customers correctly to master the use and maintenance of generator set operation, we specially arrange experienced engineers to provide systematic training course on the site or in the factory, and enable customers to have visits or trainings to engine original plant according to actual demands.

Practical Pre-sales Service 
·Product Installation Guide
·Field Debugging and Detection
·Undertake Environmental Protection Engineering
·Provide Original Accessories
·Technical Consultation and Question Answer
·Efficient Sales Service
·Carefree After-sales Service
·Machine Room Arrangement Design Plan
·Machine Room Eco-friendly Design Guidance
·Surplus Heat Utilization Design Guidance
·Major, Medium and Minor Repair and Maintenance
·Product Optimal Selection and System Configuration
·Field Technology Training Centralized System Training
·User Data, Tracking Service, Polling

Service System
Customer-focused Traditional Service, Provide Better Service and Global Sales Service Network。

Service Tenet
Customer First, Good Faith, Around the Clock, Omnibearing and Wholehearted Service

Service Concept
Make sure that customers safely use the products; more convenience for customer, more trust for company, more customer loss, less market; find own problem and prioritize customer benefit during service. It is not the fault of customers but imperfect training service of Xiecheng that the customers cannot use the generator set.

Service Work Guideline
Analysis after Treatment, Speak after Action, Do Things Right the First Time

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