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Sound environmental protection engineering

Sound environmental protection engineering

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Generators, 3 m of the noise outside the room is 108 db (A), far more than the standard of noise at boundary of industrial enterprises GB12348-90 and the measuring methods of noise at boundary of industrial enterprises "two GB12349-90 national standards for the noise of 65 db (A) that day, at night the noise lower than 60 db (A)], serious damage people's physical and mental health and reduce the work efficiency. Under the premise that ensure the normal work of generator, the generator room noise in governance. After management, the normal work of the generator, generator room outside of 3 m noise of 65 db (A) in the day, night falls below 60 db (A) noise, noise is to meet the standard requirements, can be through the ISO14000 standard, and the equipment investment is small, reliable system operation.

Yongda company's service tenet Strict standard, scientific design, careful construction, low cost, high-quality after-sales service" is the shenzhen yongda hing electrical equipment company's service tenet, we will according to the specific layout of the room send professional engineer field, to provide users with the best design solution. Shenzhen yongda company deadened the noise of construction projects shall be warranty for free for two years, and to provide permanent service.

1, the project is completed, the controlled equipment engineering drawings, the scene in your device manager (responsible) for training guidance, practice operation.

2, every month conduct a quality tracking service, found hidden dangers timely notify party a, and processing according to the requirements of party a.

3, establish and improve equipment operation maintenance in the computer data, to facilitate tracking service and improve the efficiency of maintenance. Whenever you fail, after party b received the failure notice, 12 hours to send someone to the scene, troubleshooting

4, quality requirements:
By our company are mute project must achieve product introduction of the function. All materials for gb products, standard parts and products.

5, project deadline:
Since the construction according to engineering to determine the size of the working days from the date of completion.

6 and acceptance standard:
Far from factory bound 1 meter, 0.5 high, bai noise below 65 points during the day, a sudden noise of no more than 15 points. Unit control surface temperature is less than the outside temperature of 4 to 8 degrees Celsius.

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